Love ’em or Leave ’em

No, I’m not talking about your spouse, I’m referring to your friends. I think it’s important for us to evaluate our relationships and, when necessary, step away from some of them.

How do you know who to love and who to leave?

Do they add value to your life, to your day? Do you feel better by being with them? Love ’em! Does the relationship drain your energy? Leave ’em!

Do they listen to your advice and respond in a way that makes them a better person? Love ’em! Do you have to repeat the same advice in every conversation to no avail? Leave ’em!

Do they see things from a perspective different from yours? Love ’em! Are they just agreeable to make you happy? Leave ’em!

Do they offer helpful advice and encouragement? Love ’em! Are your conversations with them filled with gossip, or negativity? Leave ’em!

Do they respect your boundaries regarding time? Love ’em! Do they take up time that would be better spent doing something else? Leave ’em!

Do they push you toward your dreams and goals? Love ’em! Do they distract you and pull you off track? Leave ’em!

I think you get the point. Regularly evaluate your relationships – not just the close ones, but you may need to rethink the people who in your outer circle too.

What other questions would you ask to determine who needs the boot?


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