What Time Is It?

Remember the pipeline controversy that was making headlines last year? Once the cameras and reporters left, you stopped caring about the possibility that a leak could contaminate the water of a reservation downstream. I bet you didn’t know that the pipeline is now open.

There’s a whole list of soapboxes you’ve been on. I hopped on a few myself. I climbed down when I realized the facts weren’t really facts at all. The photographic proof wasn’t that at all. The firsthand accounts? Nope, fabricated stories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still passionate about justice and mercy and love and humility, but I’ve smashed my social media soapbox. It never changed your mind any more than yours changed my mind.

If we’re really concerned about an issue we’ll probably be more effective by DOING something rather than just SAYING something. I say you should speak up when your words will make a difference, but don’t forget, “There’s a time to hear and a time to be heard.” Let’s consider if it’s time to act or time to speak before we grab another bullhorn.


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